How to improve your professional LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a gold mine – that’s if you use it properly.   So, how can you improve your professional LinkedIn profile to maximise your organic impressions – those who see you without spending money, and engagement – people interacting with your content?  With more than 675 million monthly users, the professional social networking platform is not to be ignored when it comes to brand awareness,…

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What video conferencing software is best for my business?

As the UK continues to be on lockdown, many organisations that remain open for business are taking advantage of video conferencing options to communicate because, well, why wouldn’t you?   From established Microsoft brands such as Teams and Skype, to platforms which had an overnight success like Zoom and Houseparty, consumers are most certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to video-based platforms.  In…

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Maintaining the integrity of your backup routines

Most companies now have staff working from home so the importance of maintaining the integrity of your backup routines is needed more now than ever before. Data Backups will minimise the risk of losing your company data, which ultimately is vital to the success of your business. If you’re now working from home and usually use a backup drive in the office which is updated each day – please ensure:  You…

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It’s the final countdown!

It’s the final countdown! (Do, do, do, dooooo….) There are days to go until Microsoft Windows 7 and Small Business Server 2011 will reach End of Life and a large number of the world’s computers, most in the business environment, are still reliant on the technology which needs to be upgraded imminently.  What is Windows…

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