• Recommend a business for I.T. support

  • We will contact them

  • Your referred business will receive a FREE I.T. consultancy

  • If they partner with Syn-Star, the cash is yours!

We’re looking for businesses who are soon to review, or require, I.T. support…

You will receive £250 for every successful referral made to Syn-Star Complete I.T. Solutions.

Syn-Star Complete I.T. Solutions is focused on connecting with the main contact of companies who are soon to review or require, I.T. support for their business.

By referring a company via this form or our website, our team will contact the named individual at the stated company using contact information provided by the referrer.

The business you refer will be offered a FREE I.T. audit. If their decision IS to partner with Syn-Star Complete I.T. solutions, we will pay you or a charity of your choice, £250. T&Cs apply.

Terms and Conditions…

T&Cs – Our promise to pay the referrer or a charity of their choice, £250, will be adhered to once the referred business does become a client of Syn-Star Complete I.T. Solutions. A commitment of at least 12 months under our Business Support Contract is required in order for the award to be redeemed. Money will not be awarded to new clients who come on block hour contracts – such as 2 hours and 5 hours. Any party referred by you should be made aware of the terms of this scheme.